About us


Born out of the vision and passion of three colleagues, to better service the consulting industry, by doing just that – consulting with our clients.

We separate ourselves by actively liaising with our clients, and by taking the time to understand each of our client’s needs.

Tired of seeing clients being treated as transactions, we respect the relationship with our clients – we know and respect that without them, our business cannot succeed.

It is our belief that true client contact in today's day and age is the key to successful projects.

Our People

All of our staff are Degree or Diploma Qualified.

Our Certifying Engineer Graduated with Honours and is a member of the Institute of Engineers Australia (MIEAust), is a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) and is also registered with the National Engineer's Register (NER).

Our Naming

Put simply - To be different.

‘Xeus’ (Ex-e-us) – meaning; responsible, highly capable, efficient and practical. To be fair with business dealings and to stand or fall by your own actions.

We feel this name encapsulates what a consulting engineer should provide to its clients.

Our Ethos and Vision

To provide fair and honest service to the building industry.

To be competent in all jobs we undertake, and to be reasonable and justified in the decisions we make.

To focus our culture on ‘how do we best achieve’ rather than ‘what do we get out of it’.

To not become greedy in times of seeming opportunity. To remain focused and grounded, no matter the situation at hand.

To be the ‘go-to’ structural engineering team in the industry for residential projects.

To service the industry better than our competitors, and make that the reason people decide to come back.

To not only meet but exceed our customer’s expectations, and grow our business base on repeat work from clients who choose to come back for the extra support we provide.